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The vote on Women at the LC


Here are four options from the Board of Management in response to Tom Bennett’s motion at our last business meeting, as a way of expressing your interest. The Board of Management does not endorse any of these options.

1. Should the Club admit women as full members?

2. Should women be allowed as guests of any member at any meeting?

3. Should women be allowed as guests of readers, with prior notice to members?

4. Should women be invited to special events arranged by the Board of Management?

This vote will be by secret ballot at the May 5th Business meeting. You will be given a ballot then.

There will be no discussion of the options at that meeting. The issue involved has been discussed at length at a previous meeting, on our Website Blog, privately among yourselves, and can be discussed at our April 7th Business Meeting. I doubt that we will change anyone’s mind on May 5th.

Regular and Honorary Members are the only authorized voters and must be present to vote. Associate members are unable to vote. That would require a Constitutional amendment, and there is no provision in the Constitution for proxy voting so voters will receive one ballot at the meeting.

I encourage you to take advantage of our Website Blog to discuss you views, opinions, and suggestions. You can also email me directly with questions.

Jack McDonough