Writing/Presenting A Good Paper

Gentlemen, a Literary Club paper has a particular, unique, traditional character, displaying both the compositional and presentational skills of the member delivering it. The focus is solely on the excellent writing across many literary genres, and also on the rhetorical skills of the presenter.

The Club has a 170 plus year tradition of using only words to transport the members of the Club audience to the times, places, and sights about which we write. We do not need film, video or other electronic media, background music, costume, etc. to do this.

We welcome relevant photos, maps, books, magazines, medals and awards, etc. brought to the podium  by the presenter which the audience can examine after the paper has been delivered.

Thank you.

The Board of Management, 2021

Guidelines for Successfully Writing and Presenting Your LC Paper Fred McGavran, Mike Kremzar, Rich Lauf December 2020

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G. Gibson Carey December 2010
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